Available Services

The service provided is flexible and is adapted to your needs.

Online, face to face or telephone support is available depending on what your current needs are. I believe in providing support that is adaptable working with my clients to make them feel secure and comfortable at all times.

Client Testimony

“Sultana was very helpful, understanding and made me feel comfortable enough to fully open up about my issues and worries”

“Can’t thank Sultana enough she got me through one of the hardest times in my life and I am confident that I will use her for any counselling needs in the future.”

It’s great to see holistic approaches to wellbeing and counselling like this 💚💚💚”

“Thank you so much for your time and patience to listen me for the past few sessions of my counselling. It was really helpful and the psychological support and comfort that you have given me was fantastic. These sessions made my mind more strong and  stress free.”

“I have felt heard after so long.”

Video Link support is available via Microsoft Teams or Zoom which are both secure sites to carry out online Sessions.

Before the session a link will be sent via email for the online session and from the comfort of your own home you are then able to connect to your counsellor.

Video sessions has been the most preferred form of delivery for the sessions from clients.

Cost of Video Link Counselling is £35 per session.

Service B – Face to Face

Face to face sessions are now available.

Cost for face to face counselling is £40 per session

Each Session is for 50 minutes. To know more about the service please get in touch.

For student concessionary rates please message me using the contact form.

Service C – Telephone

I will set a date and time for the session to proceed and will call you so you do not incur phone charges. Each session is for the same duration as other services which is 50 minutes.

Telephone based support is available at a reduced cost of £30 per session.

Heal a little everyday.