I have written the following articles to help provide information and support for anyone who is experiencing mental health issues and is feeling alone and isolated. Sometimes finding information can be difficult and being able to relate to someone can help.

Disappointment – Is it just another word to describe Adulthood?

2020 has been a year full of disappointment, fear and for some loss and heartache. But as we tip toe into the new year I find myself wondering how we have dealt with the last year and the disappointments we have had to face. For most holidays have been cancelled, events postponed and celebrations halted, … Continue reading Disappointment – Is it just another word to describe Adulthood?

Can a counsellor FIX Me?

One of the misconceptions of counselling is that the counsellor or therapist has all the answers. The counsellor has a number of techniques which have been learnt, practiced and acquired that can be helpful to the client. A counsellor isn’t there to tell you how you should and shouldn’t lead your life. Your life is … Continue reading Can a counsellor FIX Me?