I have written the following articles to help provide information and support for anyone who is experiencing mental health issues and is feeling alone and isolated. Sometimes finding information can be difficult and being able to relate to someone can help.

Boundaries – Don’t Cross the Line!

There are many reasons why people are unable to set clear boundaries with others within their lives.  Some of the reasons include but aren’t limited to living in an unstable environment, living in emotionally and physically abusive and at times violent environment, Unclear boundaries and respect shown in childhood.  Having Low self-confidence and lack of… Read More

Anxiety – is my fear rational?

In the past year there are many things that have and are still causing us sleepless nights. This includes but isn’t limited to financial worries, fear of illness, lack of support or feeling isolated and even worrying that your loved ones or even you may become ill with coronavirus. The worries tend to mount and… Read More

Loss – “Pull yourself together!”

Today I want to talk about loss of relationships, whether it’s as lovers, friendship, or even family members such as sibling or parent and the individual is still very much alive and well. How do you deal with such a loss? Does the process of grief still apply? When someone is taken away from us,… Read More

Can a counsellor FIX Me?

One of the misconceptions of counselling is that the counsellor or therapist has all the answers. The counsellor has a number of techniques which have been learnt, practiced and acquired that can be helpful to the client. A counsellor isn’t there to tell you how you should and shouldn’t lead your life. Your life is… Read More

Depression – silently suffering

“You are worthless”. “No one cares about what you have to say.” “If you weren’t here no-one would care”. “You are useless”. “Everyone would be better off without you.” “You are ugly and fat!” “No one loves you!”  These are just some of the words that I would tell myself, over and over again. In… Read More

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