Are you busy? Feeling Rushed?

Trying to carve time out to do meditation can take a backseat in our busy lives. As you know I am guilty of it. When things are busy It can feel like we are going 100 mph. Not even a moment to sit or take a break.

If you are to pause and think “Why am I in such a hurry?” Your answer maybe that you have said yes to too many things at once, you may have booked or even planned to do too many things, trying to get most out of your day. But this can then cause you to rush around.

When we are stressed, as we can all get from time to time, it can then lead to irritation and annoyance to having to deal with too many things one after another.

By packing in too many things into our days a habit starts to form, a habit that is rooted to stress. Being anxious can then lead to mistakes and setbacks.

Kim Davies Pause suggests resetting your emotional speedometer to a mindful pace. The way we can do this is by following the technique below.

This technique “Unhurry” has been helpful for me when I have too many things to do can cause the feeling of being overwhelmed.

  • Allow time. I try to be realistic about how long things take and I try to factor in extra time. This is helpful when I have to drive somewhere and I don’t know how long it may take. If I end up with time to spare then that’s a bonus. It allows me to unwind and just be in the moment, maybe even grab a coffee.
  • Rather than scheduling things in back to back I try to leave some time in between. I tend to do this in between client sessions as it allows me to reflect on the session I have just had and also prepare myself mentally for the next session so my energy is restored and I can be present completely for the next client.
  • Practice doing one thing hyper slowly each day. This can be something ordinary like washing my hands or even washing a cup or walking ten steps. By doing this I am forcing myself to take my time and pace myself.

  • Recognise that you are rushing, call it out and use your inner voice to tell yourself that you are feeling rushed or hurrying again. Breathe deeply and try to release the pressure.

You are attempting to rewire your brain and it is process which takes time as forming new habits does. The more busy you are the more beneficial it can be to embrace the idea of not rushing around. Sometimes we struggle with setting boundaries even with ourselves. Knowing how you are feeling is important as this can then allow you to reflect and make important changes that are long overdo.

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