Different forms of delivery

Due to recent COV-19 restrictions and for the safety of clients until further notice all forms of counselling are to be carried out remotely.

Counselling can take place over the telephone or via video link using zoom or teams.

Phone counselling does have its advantages where clients can save time and money from commuting to appointments. There is another degree of anonymity and sessions can take outside of your working hours.

What this does mean is that the counsellor will be extra vigilant in hearing you, not just your words but the silences too. This will show the counsellors listening skills where they are not reliant on facial expressions or body language to gain an understanding.

Whatever form you prefer please let the counsellor know and they should accommodate you to help form a better working relationship.

Once restrictions are lifted and face to face counselling can take place the counsellor will inform of any changes that may impact your sessions.

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